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Establish an LLC in USA

Establish an LLC in USA

If you would like to activate on the American market, you can easily set up a limited liability company in USA. The incorporation process of an LLC in USA starts with the requirements imposed by the Business Division and the Secretary of State in the chosen city. Our company formation consultants in USA are at your disposal with in-depth assistance and details at the time you wish to start a business in USA.

 Quick Facts  
 Who can open LLCs in USA? Local and foreign entrepreneurs interested in starting a business in USA 

 Types of LLCs in USA

– single-member LLC,

– multi-member LLC,

– series LLC,

– PLLC, etc.  

 Steps in opening an LLC in USA

– appoint a representative agent,

– choose the business name,

– create the documents,

– register for taxation,

– appoint a board of managers, etc. 

 Requirements for a designated agent  Should be at least 18 years of age
Name verification required (YES/NO) 


 Physical address requested (YES/NO) 


Operating agreement solicited 

Not mandatory, but recommended 

 Obtain the business license and permit

Applications are made with the state and federal agencies. Our local agents can provide assistance. 

 Is EIN required for an LLC in USA?

Yes, this is the Employer Identification Number that shows the company is registered for taxation. 

 Business and personal assets are separate in an LLC in USA (YES/NO) YES 
 Costs of LLCs in USA

Lower compared to other business structures. Fees are different in every American state. 

Taxation of LLCs in USA 

Are treated as pass-through entities 

 Liability of LLC

 Each member benefits from a certain level of protection in case the business gets sued or bankrupt.

Time frame to open an LLC in USA 

 A few days

Reasons to choose our local specialists 

We can provide:

– support in registration,

– collaboration with the local authorities,

– affordable costs.  

Main conditions for opening an LLC in USA in 2024

Limited liability companies in USA are important business entities that offer an adaptable tax structure mixed with the liability protection of the business newly incorporated. The Articles of Association are the main documents of an LLC in USA. These contain complete information about the owners of the company, the activities of the firm, the board of managers, and the name of the registered agent with residency in the chosen state for business. It is good to know that the owners of an LLC in USA can also be the directors of the company. When opening a company in USA and particularly a limited liability company, it is recommended to bear in mind the following conditions:

  • create an operating agreement for internal reasons in a company;
  • apply for EIN (Employer Identification Number) for tax matters;
  • open a bank account;
  • hire an accounting firm to observe the financial activities of the company for 2024.

Some American states allow businessmen register an LLC online or file by mail. Even so, you can get in touch with our local partners and ask for complete information on this topic and support in terms of formalities and registration procedure.

If you want to open a company in USA in 2024, we remind you that you can talk to our specialists in company formation in USA who can offer the needed support in this direction, regardless of the chosen state for business. Here is a video presentation with more details on this topic: 

A registered agent for your LLC formation in USA

If you are thinking of opening an LLC company in USA, it is important to consider the conditions imposed for this structure. For example, a registered agent is needed to handle legal papers on behalf of the company. This registered agent can be a natural person or a company, with a physical address in the city where the respective company will be established.

Therefore, we recommend the services of our agents who can represent your company in USA. So, do not hesitate to contact us if you want to open an LLC in USA and need a representative agent.

You can also choose an anonymous LLC if you do not want your identity to be revealed. Thus, you can benefit from privacy, as a single-member LLC owner in USA. Below you can read an infographic on this subject:

Is there a need for an operating agreement for LLC in USA?

Although there is no obligation to conclude and sign an operating agreement for LLC formation in USA, this document is still recommended. Foreign entrepreneurs wishing to open a business in USA should consider the characteristics of an operating agreement for LLC in USA, among which we mention:

  •  The set of rules with which the company will be managed will be mentioned in this document.
  •  The way in which business decisions can be made in the company can be stipulated by an operating agreement.
  •  This whole document can help you in case of problems in court. The institutions will respect the protection of personal liability, especially if you prove that you have properly organized the LLC in the USA.

An operating agreement can be drafted by our specialists who deal with the formalities of registering a company. It is good to consider this type of internal document, to be able to enjoy extra protection in the business.

Branches in the USA must fill an annual report or annual renewal, as it is called in some American states. In any case, this is the same document that must be presented to the local authorities.

Are you thinking of opening a company in USA? You can benefit from full support from our local representatives with experience in this area. Completing the necessary documents, registering for the payment of taxes, as well as, obtaining the license is among the tasks required for the incorporation of a company, regardless of the chosen American state. So, contact our specialists to benefit from the support and services offered.

What does single-member LLC mean in USA?

Forming a single-member LLC in USA or SMLLC as it is also known is quite easy. This type of business structure is chosen for certain professions such as accountants, lawyers, architects, engineers, or private doctors. Moreover, single-member LLC in USA is also called a professional LLC, but this structure is not allowed in California.

Particular attention should be paid to the choice of a business name for SMLLC. For example, it is not allowed to use the same name for single-member LLC or standard LLC. A check in this regard is recommended. Here is some interesting information about single-member LLC in USA:

  • EIN or Employer Identification Number is also required for this business structure.
  • SMLLC has the same status as self-employed, in terms of taxes.
  • Even if it is a more flexible structure, SMLLC must have the necessary licenses to be able to operate on the market.
  • The accounting conditions for this type of business structure also remain valid.

Those interested in LLC formation in USA can get in touch with our specialists to get an idea of the formalities to follow.

The business direction can also dictate the type of structure required, depending on the American state chosen for business development. Thus, starting a branch in USA can be the optimal choice for many investors. However, you must consider specialized support, such as that offered by an agent with experience in the field, who can take care of the paperwork, opening a bank account, and many other formalities.

An LLC can be established in any of the American states, however, some of them might impose varied rules. One can register a foreign entity, such as an LLC in the USA, not before appointing a local representative.

Why is it advantageous to open an LLC in USA?

Entrepreneurs who want to open a business in USA must weigh the pluses and minuses of each structure to make a good decision. In most cases, the limited liability company is an optimal structure for any type of business, but in order to better understand what the main advantages are, we recommend that you read the following lines:

  • Separate legal entity – This means that the structure is separated from the owners, their rights, and their assets. It can also be said that the LLC can own properties, have contracts, invest funds, or lend money. Also, an LLC can file a lawsuit in its name, without implicating the business owners.
  • An LLC has permanent existence – If one of the shareholders withdraws, this does not mean that the LLC in USA must cease its existence or be dissolved. On the other hand, if the Articles of Association stipulate exactly what can happen if one or more members leave the company, then the respective regulation is applied. There are American states where it is stipulated in the documents that an LLC can end its activity only when the last remaining member withdraws.
  • Pass-through tax entity – Another benefit that LLC owners in USA can enjoy is that the structure is subject to pass-through taxation. This means that the shareholders of the limited liability company established in one of the American states must report their share of taxes related to their income. Thus, they must pay the taxes at the individual tax charges.
  • Flexibility – It is known that LLCs in USA are flexible structures. It can be controlled by the board of managers, as stipulated in the Operating Agreement. LLC members can also be named managers, but there is also the possibility that other people can be appointed as managers, without being shareholders.

We invite you to discuss more about how to register an LLC in USA, but also about the advantages of this flexible structure, with one of our specialists. With the help of our company formation agents in USA, you can start a business with specialized support, without being hit by the complexities of documents and formalities.

Avoiding trademark infringement for LLCs in USA

It is important to specify that a limited liability company in USA must have a verified and accepted name in advance. Also, the trademark must go through a series of checks before being approved. Thus, business owners must protect their brand and register it with the relevant authorities. Thus, you will ensure that the brand under which you carry out your activities in USA will not be used by third parties without having the right. Here is what you need to know in this case:

  • Trademark protection gives the company owner in USA the right to stop people from using the same mark. This can happen when there are suspicions about other trademarks that can create confusion.
  • In trademark infringement cases, which are quite expensive, you will need a lawyer, with the help of which you can prove that your brand is registered that other similarities can be considered theft, and that they can deceive the common users on the market.
  • Expertise can be requested in this case and it can be easily proven that you have a registered trademark and that any other similarity with what you already own must be eliminated, obviously, with the help of legislation and international policies.

Reasons to choose an LLC in USA for starting a business

Having easy incorporation and mixing the attributes of a partnership in USA, LLC is the most popular business form in any American state. It is good to know that foreigners can set up companies in USA without having to travel from their home country for business activities, as the registered agent can take care of varied tasks. More than that, there is no need for an annual meeting of the stockholders. If your LLC is formed by a single member, then the business will be seen and taxed as sole traders in USA.

Would you like to open a company in Delaware? The formalities are quite simple and can be supervised by one of our local agents. They manage the necessary documents, can open a bank account in your name, and take care of the formalities related to the registration for the payment of taxes. Only one shareholder and USD 1 as minimum share capital is needed. Contact us to find out all the aspects of this matter and about USA company formation.

Why invest in USA

The USA is the strongest economy in the world and the top destination for any type of business or activity. The ease with which a business can be set up is a major benefit for foreigners who want to develop their activities in this country.

Because the investment market is welcoming and stable, entrepreneurs manage to have consistent profits, regardless of the field in which they operate. Here also helps the well-developed infrastructure, a transparent legal system, and of course, access to the largest and most important financial markets in the world. Real estate, engineering, the R&D sector, tourism, agriculture, and automotive are just some of the key sectors of the US that absorb most foreign investment. Here are other interesting facts about the US business direction:

  • Q1 of 2023 in USA registered a total FDI flows of USD 440 billion.
  • In USA, the FDI inflows brought a total FDI of around USD 5 trillion by year-end 2021.
  • Japan, Canada, the UK, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, and France are the main US investors.
  • The US workforce is considered the most skilled and productive in the world.

If you would like to know more details about LLC in USA and the conditions for opening such a company in 2024, please feel free to contact our team of company incorporation agents. If you need legal services in USA, we can put you in touch with our US lawyers