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Types of Companies in USA

Types of Companies in USA

The most popular business structure in USA is the limited liability company, preferred by many local and international investors. However, there are other US company types that can be used for settling the activities in any American state. With the help of our company formation agents in USA, you can find out the types of business in USA that suits most of your needs. Plus, they can manage the formalities and collaborate with the relevant authorities in charge of registration.

 Quick Facts  
 What kind of companies can you open in the USA? 

– limited liability companies,

– corporations,

– limited partnerships,

– sole proprietorships

Which is the most popular business structure in the USA? 

 Limited liability company

Requirements to open an LLC in the USA 

 – checking the business name,

– drawing up the Articles of Association,

– applying for a business license,

– registering for taxation

Minimum share capital for an LLC in the USA   Not required
What is a Professional Limited Liability Company? 

 A proper business structure with many advantages for professionals

Does a limited partnership require minimum capital? (YES/NO) 


Who can open subsidiaries in the USA? 

 Any existing foreign company

Documents to open a branch in the USA 


Articles of Association, standard forms provided by the relevant authorities in USA 

Can I buy a shelf company in the USA? (YES/NO) 


Features of liaison offices in the USA 

– great for business promotion,

– advertising a foreign company in USA,

– negotiating with potential local collaborators, etc.

Can a sole trader change its business into an LLC? (YES/NO) 


Tax registration required 

Yes, depending on the selected business structure, a specific tax scheme applies. 

Business bank account needed 

A local bank account is recommended for a fast implementation of financial operations. 

Time frame for opening a company in USA 

 A few days, depending on the structures and formalities

Choosing our local agents in USA 

 We offer:

– assistance in opening any kind of company in USA,

– support in drafting the company documents,

– tax registration,

–  applying for business licenses and permits.

What are the most used types of companies in the USA?

Limited liability companies, corporations, limited partnerships, and sole proprietorships are US company types that can be registered with easy formalities, in any state you choose. Each structure has its particularities and is addressed to certain types of investors. But to better understand how each one works, you can get in touch with one of our company formation specialists in USA. They can explain what types of corporations in US you can select.

If you want to start a company in Delaware, we recommend you contact our local agents. With their help, you can benefit from support for preparing documents, opening a bank account, and registering for paying taxes, among others. USD 1 is the minimum share capital and only 1 shareholder is enough to open the company. Get in touch with our specialists and discover the services offered to enter the market faster.

How do I open an LLC in the USA?

Limited liability company is the most popular business structure in the USA and can be registered to take into account the following aspects:

  • As soon as you choose the state in which you want to open the business, you must check the desired name for the company and reserve it.
  • You must have a registered agent to handle the necessary documents and signatures.
  • The Articles of Organization (Association) are drawn up, with information about shareholders, capital, internal business rules, etc.
  • Next is obtaining the EIN (Employer Identification Number) for paying the related taxes.
  • You must open a bank account for the financial operations of the LLC in USA.

We can represent you in this endeavor, so you can be sure that the formalities are fulfilled. You can learn more about types of business in USA from our local specialists.

Corporations, as part of types of companies in USA

Corporations are suitable for experienced business people. As in the case of the LLC, the registration begins with the preparation of the necessary documents, and the most important are the Articles of Association. And corporations in US must be registered for paying taxes, so you must apply for an EIN. We remind you that, first of all, you need a registered agent to represent your company. If you are interested in this structure or if you want to know more about types of corporations in US, please contact our agents. We can explain more about the types of companies in USA.

Do you want to open a company in the USA? You can choose one of the valid structures and then ask for the help of our specialists who can manage the incorporation formalities. We can also take care of the registration for the payment of taxes, in addition to the necessary paperwork.

Choosing a sole proprietorship in USA

Sole proprietorship in USA is a simple business structure and is addressed to those who want to work on their own account, considering that I am directly responsible for profits and losses in the firm. Having minimal establishment costs, sole proprietorship also has simple registration formalities with the Business Division of the Secretary of the State. You will also need the EIN to pay related taxes. What is important to know is that you can activate using the name you have. Moreover, you must apply for the necessary licenses to implement the activities on the market.

Those who want to set up a branch in USA can discuss the formalities with our local representatives. Among these, we mention the preparation of the Articles of Association, the opening of a bank account, and the registration for the payment of taxes. Thus, you can ensure the support of a team of specialists to focus on the investments you want to make.

Investing in the USA, a great option for foreigners

The USA is among the world’s strongest economies, with a large number of foreign investors registered each year. Even if the legislation differs in each state, you can be interested in the types of companies in USA that comply with your business needs. Below is some information about the US economy:

  1. Around USD 126 billion was the total FDI flow for 2021.
  2. The R&D sector absorbed around USD 71 billion in the same year.
  3. Canada, Japan, UK, and Germany are among the USA’s biggest investors.

Want to know more about types of companies in USA? Please contact our company formation agents in USA for information and guidance. We are here to tell you more about the available types of business in USA.