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Holding Company in USA

Holding Company in USA

A holding company is usually created to control the shares of several companies called subsidiaries. The optimal structure for US holding company is LLC, but there are cases where a corporation is a right solution. Discover in this article how you can register a holding company in the USA and what is the definition of this type of structure, mentioning that our company formations agents in USA are ready to guide you in this process.

 Quick Facts  
  Legal entities used

– limited liability company,

– corporation 

Incorporation method 

With the local Trade Register

Incorporation time 

Around 2 weeks, depending on the business entity
Types of assets owned by the holding

– copyrights,

– trademarks,

– patents,

– real estate,

– bonds,

– stocks of other corporations

Requirment for local bank account (Yes/No)


Residency requirements for the founder(s)

Foreigners can register holding companies in USA without restrictions


– assets protection,

– tax advantages, 

– fast incorporation


– exploitation of subsidiaries,

– financial liability

Shareholding structure At least 1 shareholder
Minimum Capital No minimum capital required
Taxation 21% corporate tax rate
Control It can control varied subsidiaries
Registered agent requirements It must be local
Accounting and reporting US accounting regulations apply
Number of double taxation treaties Around 58

A short definition of a holding company in USA

As mentioned above, US holding company is the parent company that owns shares of other companies. This company is not involved in the sale of goods and services, it does not manufacture and has no other activities. The purpose of US holding company is a precise one, and below we review some of the characteristics of this type of business:

  • US holding company may hold shares in subsidiaries engaged in the manufacture and sale of goods and services.
  • With a holding company in USA, you can own intellectual property, real estate, and any other valuable assets.
  • There are cases in which the US holding company can own 100% of a subsidiary.
  • It is important to note that the management of the US holding company may supervise the management of its subsidiaries.
  • All management of US holding company can appoint directors of its subsidiaries.

Foreign investors interested in holding companies in USA have the opportunity to decide in which direction certain investments should go. They can also raise funds by selling equity interests, among other things. You can learn more about the US holding company from our team of company formation specialists in USA with experience in incorporating business and investment.

The USA is known for the various business opportunities it offers. And the structures are at hand, so you can set up a branch in USA without complications. It is important to consider the preparation of a business plan, as well as legal representation. Here you can be guided by one of our local agents who can take care of the formalities required by the authorities.

How do I set up a holding company in the USA?

Limited liability company in USA is the right structure for registering a US holding company due to the advantages presented. The registration formalities are quite simple and start with the preparation of Articles of Association, with details about the company’s activities, business owners, general business rules, voting rights, and more. Here are other important aspects of registering a US holding company:

  • Choose a business name under which the US holding company will run its activities.
  • You need to open a bank account.
  • One must appoint a registered agent for the holding company in USA.
  • Registration is required to pay taxes in USA.

We remind you that our local agents are here to help you with the formalities involved in registering a limited liability company in USA in order to set up a US holding company. Rely on specialized help from us, so you can focus on the investments you have to make in the company.

Overseas entrepreneurs who want to open a company in USA are advised to ask for specialized help to benefit from support in terms of formalities. Depending on the American state chosen for the establishment of a company, the documents will be drawn up, as well as the registration with the relevant authorities. Thus, there is a guarantee that the entire process will be free of complexities.

Advantages of holding companies in USA

US holding companies are set up taking into account the benefits of this type of structure. Among them, we mention the following:

  • Financial strength and the possibility of easily obtaining credits.
  • Liability protection, as subsidiaries, must manage the debts on their own.
  • Lower costs for controlling the subsidiary’s assets.
  • There is no need for daily management while owning a US holding company.
  • Easily keeping track of activities of subsidiaries of a holding company in USA.

These are just some of the goal-setting shareware that you can use. We remind you that if you want to set up such a structure you can talk to our team of local agents to deal with formalities. We are here to simplify the registration process for those interested in starting a business in USA.

If you would like to start a company in Delaware, we advise you to collaborate with our local agents. They have the necessary experience in this matter and can handle the preparation of the necessary documents, as well as the opening of a bank account. USD 1 is the minimum share capital, and the company can be ready in about 2 months. We mention that there is no obligation for the shareholder to have a residence in Delaware, which greatly simplifies the way of doing business. Discuss all aspects with one of our specialists.

 USA, a solid investment destination

Undoubtedly, the USA is a top business destination, a country that presents economic and political stability, serious advantages over international players interested in investing in this country. With a welcoming and open market, experienced and multilingual workforce, a solid advantageous tax structure, a transparent legal system, and being the number one economy in the world, the USA is definitely the top destination for foreign investors who want to grow their business and to make considerable profits. Here are some statistics about the US economic direction:

  • Over USD 10.8 trillion was the total FDI for the US in 2020.
  • Texas absorbed most of the investments in 2020, about USD 18.6 billion, followed by California with USD 17.8 billion.
  • The USA ranked 6th out of 190 world economies according to the 2020 Doing Business report, in terms of optimal business conditions.

Do you want to register a holding company in USA? We invite you to contact our team of company formation agents in USA and discuss the formalities involved.