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General Guide to Company Incorporation in Montana

General Guide to Company Incorporation in Montana

Our team prepared a general guide to company incorporation in Montana for those interested in opening a company in USA particularly in this American state. We mention that our company formation agents in USA are at your disposal with support and guidance in terms of procedures and formalities if you want to open a company in Montana. In this article you can find out information about Montana business registration, so that you can have a clear picture about the process and more.

 Quick Facts  
Types of structures available for company incorporation in Montana

– LLC,

– corporation,

– sole proprietorship,

– partnership

Institution in charge with company registration in Montana

Secretary of the State of Montana, the Business Division

Business plan

A business plan is required before incorporation of a company in Montana.

Formalities for company formation in Montana

– reserve a business name,

– appoint a legal representative,

– prepare the company documents,

– obtain the EIN (Employer Identification Number)

Documents for starting a business in Montana

– Articles of Association,

– Operating Agreement (optional),

– Certificate of Incorporation

Tax registration required (YES/NO)


Support for licenses and permits (YES/NO)


Local business bank account


Insurance for company formation in Montana


Financial planning (YES/NO) Yes
Accounting requirements

– balance sheet,

– payroll,

– bookkeeping,

– annual financial statements

Corporate tax for LLCs in Montana


Sales tax in Montana

Not imposed

Reasons to choose our services

– fast incorporation,

– simple formalities,

– affordable prices,

– experienced team

Free case evaluation

Tailored solutions are offered by our local specialists after an initial evaluation.

How to start an LLC – Montana business registration

Starting a company in USA and having success will depend in the first instance on the type of business an entrepreneur wishes to form. A limited liability company can be easily set up in Montana, and the process starts with the business division of the Secretary of the State of Montana. After a name verification, the Articles of Association must be prepared and submitted to the registration office. The name of the company, the owners, the business address, the activities, and the purposes of the company are information that must be included in the Articles of Association.

Besides that, an LLC in Montana must have a registered agent with a residency with a physical address in this state, and he/she will represent your business from a legal point of view. Entrepreneurs can choose to appoint another company as a registered agent if they want to. Our company incorporation specialists in Montana can also represent your business besides assisting at registration. We can tell you more about Montana business registration.

How to register a business name in Montana

Depending on the type of business you want to develop in the American state of Montana, you need to know how to register a business name in Montana. For example, sole proprietors can use their name when starting a business in USA, respectively in Montana. On the other hand, if you want a distinct name for your company, you must file a registration for an assumed business name with the Secretary of State’s Office in Montana. Also, the business name must be verified and reserved, if there are no restrictions on use.
It is very important to consider the formalities for Montana business registration in order not to face possible rejections from the authorities. We recommend specialized help for USA company formation, which can be provided by one of our company formation agents.

Is a Montana LLC operating agreement required?

Although a limited liability company doesn’t need to create an operating agreement, it is still recommended that this document exist. An operating agreement usually includes information about the company and how its operations are managed, how decisions are made in the company, and how the company can be dissolved, if necessary. It is recommended that when Montana business registration is done, the drafting of an operating agreement should also be taken into account, with specialized help in this regard.

Would you like to set up a banch in USA? We strongly recommend you get in touch with our local agents who can help you in this endeavor. They can help you start such a business in Montana too.

A business license in Montana

Those who want to start a business in Montana should also consider the necessary licenses to carry out the activities. In this case, at least one license is needed, depending on the operations of the respective company. Here are other details in this regard:

  • You can opt for a professional business license if you open a firm of lawyers, or architects or if you want to practice as a doctor.
  • The Montana Department of Labor and Industry provides a complete list of professional services for which a license is required. The application can be made online and also with support offered by our team of company formation agents in USA who can help you start a business in Montana.

One should also apply with the local business department to obtain a specific license for future business activities in Montana. If you sell alcohol in a restaurant opened in Montana, you will need to have a license in this regard. Feel free to contact us if you want to register a business in Montana.

Opening a bank account for your business in Montana

Local and foreign businessmen who want to register a business in Montana must also consider opening a bank account. All business spending can be separated from personal spending and it is even recommended to do this for a good direction in business. In this sense, the company’s documents, namely the Certificate of Incorporation, are required for opening the desired bank account.

Other types of structures in Montana

Besides limited liability companies which are the most preferred business forms in Montana, entrepreneurs can set up partnerships, and sole proprietorships or can direct their attention to corporations or associations. General partnerships are also on the list of entities in Montana and are subject to associations of individuals who share the liabilities in the business, but also the revenues and profits. If you want to open a company in USA, you should first observe the requirements for each type of business and then choose in accordance with your needs and type of activities.

Would you like to set up an LLC in Delaware? Do you need advice on this endeavor? You can benefit from a great taxation system, fast incorporation, and many more. Our company formation agents in USA are at your disposal with complete support in terms of documents and formalities, so that you can concentrate more on your investments in USA. Contact us as soon as you decide on a business in this state and benefit from free case evaluation.

Taxes in Montana

Montana is a preferred business destination for numerous investors from overseas not only for the possibilities they can discover here but also for the favorable tax structure that sustains their activities. For example, the state of Montana does not impose a sales tax and there is no city sales tax. Even though there are no such taxes, it is good to know that a lodgings tax, a rental tax, and seller & consumer use fees need to be considered in Montana.

Would you like to register a business in Montana? Feel free to discuss all the terms with one of our local specialists.

Employment in Montana

The labor market in Montana is highly appreciated as there are numerous skilled workers in fields like IT, engineering, tourism, agriculture, mining, manufacturing, and many more. The government offers complete information about the available workforce in the state through the official website, but foreigners in search of skilled people for their business in USA can address recruitment agencies that can offer support in this direction.

We can help foreigners start a business in Montana by managing the procedures and paperwork involved in the process.

Accounting services for your company in Montana

Each type of company in Montana should ask for the services offered by an accounting firm that can observe all the financial operations of your business. Bookkeeping, payroll services, tax minimization methods, tax advice, financial planning, or business consulting are among the necessary services an accounting firm in Montana can provide for your company.

Economy in Montana

The economy in Montana is diversified and sustained by important fields like mining, agriculture, manufacturing, and tourism, the latter one being subject to around ten million visitors each year who want to discover the well-known Yellowstone National Park. Helena is the capital of Montana and a business hub for both locals and foreigners who want to operate in the above-mentioned sectors, but not limited to this. Livingston, Billings, Bozeman, Great Falls, and Kalispell are among the cities that can be chosen for company formation and business development.

Here are some data about the US economy, if you want to inform yourself before Montana business registration:

  • According to experts, real GDP is estimated to grow by 2.2% in 2023, and then fall by 0.8% in 2024.
  • About USD 169 billion were the expenditures for acquisitions registered in 2022.
  • New businesses in USA were established with around USD 3.8 billion in the same year.

We remind you that our team of agents can tell you more about how to register a business name in Montana. You can also set up a branch in USA with support offered by our local agents. Plus, you can ask for assistance in starting a company in Delaware if this American state is on your business list.

If you want to set up a company in USA, particularly in Montana, please feel free to address your inquiries to our team of company formation representatives in USA and contact us at any time.